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Pioneering Inclusive Therapy with Education and Technology

Amee Cohen, OT/L, has been delivering consultancy, training, and excellence in therapy services for over 20 years, specializing in providing care in school settings and special education environments.

Building specialized professional teams for pediatric care with a focus on diversity, equality, and inclusion, Amee has earned the trust of thousands of therapists, educators, families, schools, and institutions across Florida.

Christian Katopodis joined Amee’s work in 2010, bringing his visionary mindset to revolutionize the integration of technology and therapy services. His extensive background in IT, communication, and marketing has propelled the organization to develop innovative platforms for therapy and education providers, leading to the delivery of highly personalized solutions through the web.

Amee Cohen, OT/L

Christian Katopodis,
Managing Director

Our focus is to support families, schools, therapy providers, educator teams, independent therapists, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting children with diverse needs.
Our teams provide a wide range of specialized services, from hands-on training for recent graduates and professional placement of new therapists and assistants to business consulting, project management, and advisory services, as well as the development and implementation of innovative web-based services supporting the education and health sectors in promoting their services through the Internet.

Holistic Approach to Education

We continually push boundaries by developing evidence-based educational projects that complement therapy specialties and can be customized for PK-12 students, shaping the KS Educational Journey. This comprehensive and integrated system ensures holistic support for individuals from infancy to college preparation.

Early Intervention and Comprehensive Assessments

Within the integrated modules of the KS Educational Journey, we offer comprehensive online screenings and assessments to identify potential learning difficulties and developmental delays. Our model employs evidence-based tools to evaluate academic skills, cognitive abilities, and social-emotional development, guiding the development of personalized support programs.

Personalized Support Programs

KS Educational Journey’s personalized support programs combine academic intervention with specialized therapy. These programs, collaboratively designed by therapists and educators, address areas such as executive functioning, behavior management, and social skills development, fostering academic success.

Customized Therapy Programs, our online platform, offers customizable short-term therapy programs for all ages. These evidence-based programs are easily personalized to specific needs, with 24/7 online support from our therapist team.

The Sensory Workout Program is an exclusive training course offering certification, providing practical exercises designed to address sensory balance across different settings. It aims to promote sensory integration and coping skills while equipping professionals, caregivers, and individuals with valuable knowledge and evidence-based techniques in sensory balance.