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Consultancy & Projects

Innovative Solutions for Therapy Providers and Schools

Collaborative Tech and Marketing Support

With a strong emphasis on inclusive practices, we offer specialized IT and Marketing consultancy for therapy providers and schools.

AC Visionary’s projects seamlessly integrate existing or create new LMS, CRM, and PRM systems into innovative web-based applications for special education and therapy.

Leveraging information from these systems, our marketing specialists can develop tailored strategies designed to enhance visibility, communication, and outreach, ensuring an impactful approach to promoting effectiveness and inclusion in educational and therapeutic settings.

Development and Integration of Online Services

Expertise in Therapy and Special Education

With a dedicated team of therapists, educators, researchers, marketing specialists, and IT experts, AC Visionary has continuously worked to develop and refine systems and tools for therapy providers and schools over the past decade.

Utilizing advanced technology platforms, we create customized solutions to support professionals serving children with diverse needs, providing efficient tools for online care and integrated communication and marketing strategies derived from collected data.

What are AC Visionary's customizable tools?

A comprehensive suite of enhanced tools for online care, distance learning, social collaboration, communication, and management.

Discover new capabilities with AC Visionary’s Transformative Solutions

AC Visionary offers expertise in implementing and customizing online platforms for schools and therapy providers, making it a powerful system for both existing and new users.

Our solutions enable complete integration with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, allowing schools and therapy providers to send instant messages, create group chats, and set up video conferences, enhancing communication and collaboration.

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Communication and Digital Marketing Services

Strategic Communication for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AC Visionary provides a dedicated communication team committed to supporting the education and health sectors in promoting their services online.

Utilizing the tools, reports, and information gathered from our customizable solutions, we craft effective strategies and communication plans to enhance visibility, outreach, and inclusivity.

E-Training and E-Learning

Structuring, developing, and promoting seminars, courses, and online events with expert special educators, therapists, and AI resources.

Learning Monitoring Systems

Establishment of continuous learning progress monitoring systems.

Automated Support Systems

Tailored systems that seamlessly integrate with existing LMS, CRM, and PRM systems.

Direct Marketing

Planning and executing strategies tailored for the education and health sectors with personalized mailers, email marketing, telemarketing, SMS campaigns, promotional materials, brochures, flyers, and newsletters.

Digital Communication

Strategies to elevate online visibility through a spectrum of digital communication materials and channels, engaging content for websites, interactive multimedia content, and SEO techniques to boost online discoverability.

Social Media Engagement

Tailored campaigns and content for social media platforms. Targeted advertising and support services to foster interactions. Analytics-driven strategies enhancing visibility and engagement through strategic social media campaigns.

Our approach extends beyond the virtual realm, integrating innovative communication and marketing practices with the core mission of fostering comprehensive education and healthcare support.


Excellence for Communication and Comprehensive Learning

AC Visionary is dedicated to integrating specialized online services, establishing an ecosystem that supports comprehensive education and healthcare. Whether it involves crafting specialized learning tools or implementing strategic communication initiatives, AC Visionary projects consistently strive for excellence from the perspective of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

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