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The Sensory Workout Program

Enhancing Your Practice with Sensory Integration Expertise
The Sensory Workout Program (SWP) is a comprehensive online training designed for therapists, health and education professionals, caregivers, parents/helpers, SEN staff, social workers, and adoption workers.

The SWP online course with certification equips participants with valuable knowledge and evidence-based techniques to support individuals of all ages in achieving sensory balance and developing regulation and coping skills.

SWP focuses on mastering sensory integration techniques, providing adaptable strategies for diverse environments and age groups.

With the SWP course, participants will learn concepts and practical exercises and gain access to exclusive SWP methodologies and Cards with exercises designed to promote calming, alertness, focus, and relaxation.

By the end of this training, the learner will have a clear knowledge and understanding of the Sensory Workout Program and its foundation in the neurosciences and functional practical approach.

SWP Course with Certification

No payment is required at this time.

The SWP online training costs $299 and is divided into four independent modules, each designed to explore sensory integration across age groups.

Each module includes approximately 60 minutes of video lessons, combining theoretical insights with practical tips.

After pre-registering, our team will contact you to schedule the course based on availability and confirm your enrollment.