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New Grad Training Program

Entering the Therapy World through the Front Door

ProStart is a comprehensive training program designed to prepare new professionals for fulfilling careers as therapists or assistants.

AC Visionary’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion forms the bedrock of this program, ensuring an environment where every new grad is empowered on their journey to professional excellence.

Expertise in Shaping Therapy Careers

Drawing from AC&A’s extensive experience in selecting, hiring, and integrating recent graduates into their care teams, ProStart addresses the essentials of professional practice.

The training involves refining therapists’ posture and communication skills and exploring the preparation for therapeutic sessions with diverse patient populations. This includes incorporating evidence-based sensory balance techniques from the Sensory Workout Program (SWP) that can enhance therapeutic work and contribute to effective outcomes.

In-person and Online Service Training

With a duration of two weeks, ProStart offers a blend of in-person and online experiences guided by seasoned therapists in real-world care settings. This effective training cultivates practical skills and experience, preparing new therapists and assistants to provide professional care across different age groups.

Real Job Opportunities

Beyond laying a solid foundation for starting a specialized therapy career, ProStart Employment Network can provide guiding and placing new professionals in their initial contracted positions. The program also actively identifies and offers professional opportunities within recognized, high-level teams and partner clinics across Florida.


• Online video training
• In-person shadowing (5 hours)
• Online teletherapy shadowing (5 hours)


Choose your focus from these therapy areas:

• Physical Therapy (PT, PTA)
• Occupational Therapy (OT, COTA)
• Speech-Language Pathology (SLP, SLPA)


Learn from expert therapists at AC&A and other top providers in Florida.


Get specialized support securing a job in your preferred field and region. Placement assistance with AC&A and top partner clinics.


Gain practical experience in real-world settings. Start your career on solid foundations with expert guidance.


Includes training in sensory balance to enhance your therapeutic approach and better prepare your patients.

Why ProStart?

Launch Your Career

Begin your professional journey with a program designed for success.

Specialized Focus

Choose your area of focus from Physical, Occupational, Speech-Language, and more.

Real-World Exposure

Gain practical experience through in-person and teletherapy shadowing.

Tailored Support

Receive expert guidance and placement assistance tailored to your goals.

Career Opportunities

Explore opportunities to collaborate with our partner clinics. Prepare to achieve placement in your desired field and location.”

New Grad Training Program

2-Week Program for $490

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