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Caring for Professionals Who Care

AC ProStart empowers the next generation of Therapists and Assistants serving children with special needs.
AC ProStart

New Grad Training Program

Step into a therapy career with professional training that prepares you to support children with developmental and educational challenges.

* Limited Enrollment for August 2024 Classes

Launch Your Career

Begin your professional journey with a program designed for success.

Specialized Focus

Choose your area of focus from Physical, Occupational, Speech-Language, and more.

Real-World Exposure

Gain practical experience through in-person and teletherapy shadowing.

Tailored Support

Receive expert guidance and placement assistance tailored to your goals.

Career Opportunities

Explore opportunities to collaborate with our partners providers. Prepare to achieve placement in your desired field and location.”

The Sensory Workout Program

Master Sensory Integration Techniques

Learn how to transform your practice by helping patients, students, and individuals of all ages achieve secure and calm, alert and engaged states.

Become a Certified SWP facilitator and master sensory integration techniques to empower everyone’s development and learning.

AC Visionary Consultancy and Projects

Innovative Tools for Educational Institutions and Pediatric Therapy Providers

We offer specialized IT consulting, project management, marketing, and advisory support for schools, therapy providers, educator teams, independent therapists, and nonprofit organizations committed to supporting children with diverse needs.

Empowering Therapists and
Educators through Integration

LMS, CRM, and PRM Solutions: A Seamless Integration for Holistic Education

AC Visionary’s projects embrace a transformative approach that surpasses traditional therapies and conventional educational plans.

We can implement customized online systems from the initial stages or easily integrate our pre-designed tools for therapists and educators with any existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Patient Relationship Management (PRM) applications, ensuring easy adaptability to a current setup.
By seamlessly designing and integrating a variety of educational and therapeutic services, we provide structured online systems for pediatric therapy providers, schools, and institutions.

Our solutions are modular and scalable, catering to small or large teams of therapists and educators dedicated to assisting children in excelling academically and thriving holistically at every learning level.

Therapy Programs designed for all Age Groups

We offer short-term programs addressing various concerns and providing a convenient solution for online rehabilitative therapies. Explore a program that suits you, request full online customization, and start sessions at home in about a week!

It's time for a change!

Our team of therapists and researchers has developed a comprehensive series of evidence-based programs, focusing on common special needs across different age groups. is an online platform powered by AC Visionary, offering over 150 evidence-based programs that are pre-formatted for occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and support for behavioral issues.

Designed to meet the specific therapy goals of individuals and families, these programs can be easily tailored to specific needs with the online assistance of AC Visionary’s expert therapists. The customized program can be downloaded and printed, allowing for easy access and usability anytime, anywhere. provides flexibility, convenience, and positive results at a much more affordable cost compared to traditional methods.

AC Visionary's Therapy Training Clinic

Now Accepting New Patients in partnership with AC&A

Our Training Clinic now blends the expertise of Florida´s top therapists from AC&A Pediatric Therapy Services with the caring approaches of new graduates. Delivering exceptional patient service, our new therapists and assistants training programs allow direct assessments, treatments, and supervision by AC&A’s therapist team, or referrals to other leading providers in Florida based on the individual’s needs, concerns, and location.

We are registering new patients from birth to age 21 for Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy services across Florida.
Join us in our commitment to exceptional care! We welcome patients with Medicaid and most health insurance plans.
Click Here to Register for Services across South Florida

Therapy Sessions

Comprehensive care guided by senior therapists committed to excellence.

Innovative Training

Assistance and participation of the next generation of therapists through hands-on, compassionate training.

Focus on

Top-tier therapy services while fostering the growth of skilled professionals.

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